Lehmann 100 A serie

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Lehmann Aviation LA100 is a fully automatic lightweight SUAV launched by Lehmann Aviation in November 2012

The LA100 is a totally autonomous drone. It was designed to be used by people even without any piloting background. Working with GoPro camera it enabled to capture professional quality aerial images and video. Financial Times called the LA100 “a personal “drone” that will carry camcorders into the sky to capture aerial footage”[1]

The LA100 follows a pre-programmed flight path. The operational procedure implies mounting GoPro camera on the wing (GoPro Hero, Hero2, Hero 3 for oblique images or Hero3 for vertical images), switching the engine on by reclining the aircraft and launching it by hand. The LA100 is capturing footage from a height of 100 meters for 4min30sec and then coming back to the launch site with HD aerial photos or videos on the SD card.

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